Past..Present. Future?

  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Those that have visited lately have seen all the changes the website has gone through. It's been a long haul since the one-page website before. I took some time to go through the photos I had available to me and created several galleries throughout the site … Continue reading Past..Present. Future?


Paint Coatings Are Critical for Dark Color Cars.

As our cars learn to drive, the only proof they’re learning is intangible. Algorithms, sensors, 3D maps, V2V, the cloud—they’re digital, mostly proprietary components that can’t be independently tested. But there’s a physical part that promises to make autonomous travel safer, plus it’s all sparkly and pretty. It’s called paint. Engineers at PPG know that … Continue reading Paint Coatings Are Critical for Dark Color Cars.

Paint Correction: There’s No Scratches on the paint.. Its Brand New.

You’ve just dropped between $30,000 and $500,000 on a brand new vehicle. You’ve probably spent countless hours researching your new sports car, luxury SUV or truck, and you’re thrilled to finally have it in your possession. And because it’s new you’ve got that big smile with a glow around you, knowing it’s in perfectly pristine … Continue reading Paint Correction: There’s No Scratches on the paint.. Its Brand New.

Opti-Coat 2.0 VS. Opti-Coat Pro

  Over the past few months that we have been offering Opti-Coat to our clients we have been asked quite frequently "Whats the difference between 2.0 and Pro?" Since we don't produce, nor do we have any idea how to make it, it has been a difficult question to answer with a unsure tone of … Continue reading Opti-Coat 2.0 VS. Opti-Coat Pro

“DETAILING” A Exaggerated Marketing Scam.

  I was planning of naming this "how you the Customers is misled by the term "Detailing" Think about this for a moment. When ever you get a hair cut you have someone you have been going to for the past months or years. Maybe someone your dad or mom when too and now they … Continue reading “DETAILING” A Exaggerated Marketing Scam.

Sealants. What it is, and What it does.

  This month were gonna learn about Sealants. Allure Detail offers this services to help you save Hundreds to thousands of dollars off dealer prices. Not many people know this type of "wax" exist or is even available from Allure Detail. Dealers will offer this service from $800 up to $2000 on a vehicle. How We help … Continue reading Sealants. What it is, and What it does.

Headlight Restoration.

Headlight restoration Over the years, the polycarbonate headlight lens on any vehicle becomes yellowed and cloudy due to ultra violet (UV) radiation damage, heat and abrasion from road grit or harsh chemical cleaners. Replacing headlight can get extremely expensive, and is often unnecessary. Because the damage on the lenses is usually purely superficial, they can be … Continue reading Headlight Restoration.